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Compiling heimdal+pkinit in a Debian sid


Since I've found that building heimdal with pkinit in a Debian Sid
updated at February 2005 (this also works on an Ubuntu Hoary) is not as
straightforward as I had thought, these is how I built it (will only
work in 32bit archs due to the uint32_t -> unsigned long change).

We need three tiny patches (attached to this email):

      * queue_h_version.patch will add TAILQ_* macros not present in
        sys/queue.h version of Debian (see
      * patch uint16_t_unsigned_short.patch will change uint16_t
        references to unsigned short.
      * patch uint32_t_unsigned_long.patch will change uint32_t
        references to unsigned long.

Quick instructions to build it:

     1. Download last heimdal-<date>.tar.gz and
        asn1-choice-<date>.tar.gz from
     2. # apt-get install build-essential libreadline5-dev comerr-dev
        bison flex-old automake1.8 autotools-dev autoconf libtool
     3. Decompress heimdal-.tar.gz
     4. $ rm -R heimdal-/lib/asn1/*
     5. Decompress asn1-choice-<date>.tar.gz into heimdal-/lib/asn1
     6. $ cd heimdal-<date>/lib/asn1
     7. $ patch < queue_h_version.patch
     8. $ cd ../..
     9. $ patch -p0 < uint16_t_unsigned_short.patch
    10. $ patch -p0 < uint32_t_unsigned_long.patch
    11. $ autoreconf -f
    12. $ ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-shared --with-krb4
        --with-kaserver --with-roken=/usr --without-des
        --without-openldap --with-readline-include=/usr/include/editline
        --mandir=/usr/share/man --infodir=/usr/share/info
    13. $ echo '#define PKINIT 1' >> include/config.h
    14. $ make
    15. # make install

Thank you to all that have made possible this software!


Josep MonÚs
C3PO, S.L.