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Re: PKINIT status?

Geoffrey Elgey <geoffree@vintela.com> writes:

>> (I'm just looking at our Heimdal tree, which is based on some earlier
>> snapshots, so we may be looking at different things. PKINIT works fine
>> for us, indeed we're shipping a product that includes it.)
> I would appreciate knowing which snapshots you used.

does you lib/asn1/Makefile contain

$ grep preserve-binary /obj/h-pkinit/lib/asn1/Makefile 
        ./asn1_compile$(EXEEXT) --preserve-binary=TBSCertificate --preserve-binary=Name $(srcdir)/rfc2459.asn1 rfc2459_asn1 || (rm -f rfc2459_asn1_files ; exit 1)

If not, the description how to build pkinit might be missing that you have
to run automake lib/asn1/Makefile.


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