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Re: PKINIT status?

Geoffrey Elgey <geoffree@vintela.com> writes:

> G'day,
> I'm interested in the PKINIT code in the latest Heimdal snapshot
> (20050207). What's the status of this component? How soon will it be
> available in a stable release?

It work agaist w2k DC, the windows compat bits in heimdal kdc is missing
currently. Description how to build it is where:


Adding the windows compat glue in the kdc shouldn't be too hard, but I have
not way to test it.

> I tried to build the krb5 library in the snapshot with PKINIT enabled,
> but it failed because of missing *_asn1.h files. I tried to create the
> necessary *_asn1.h files from the asn1 directory, but the compiler
> complains about the syntax in pkinit.asn1, etc.
> So I replaced the asn1 directory of the heimdal snapshot with the
> latest asn1-choice snapshot, Now I can compile pkinit.asn1, etc. With
> a bit more fiddling of the makefiles, I can build libasn1 and use this
> to build libkrb5.
> But I still cannot compile krb5/pkinit.c -- I get "pkinit.c:787:
> error: structure has no member named `_save'" error. I guess that the
> asn1-choice snapshot needs some more work?

It builds twice a day, are you sure patched it correctly.

> Or perhaps a previous heimdal snapshot is available that can be
> compiled against an asn1-choice snapshot?

I think its a new heimdal-current using a too old asn1-choice.


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