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Re: PKINIT status?


>But I still cannot compile krb5/pkinit.c -- I get "pkinit.c:787: error: 
>structure has no member named `_save'" error. I guess that the 
>asn1-choice snapshot needs some more work?

This should be generated by the ASN.1 compiler. Do you have some code

        if (t->type == TSequence && preservep) {
            space(level + 1);
            fprintf(headerfile, "heim_octet_string _save;\n");

in lib/asn1/gen.c?

(I'm just looking at our Heimdal tree, which is based on some earlier
snapshots, so we may be looking at different things. PKINIT works fine
for us, indeed we're shipping a product that includes it.)

-- Luke