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Re: ldap <--> heimdal again

>>>>>     Hardcoded in
>>>>>     /usr/ports/security/heimdal/work/heimdal-0.6.3/lib/hdb/hdb-ldap.c
>>>>>     rc = ldap_initialize((LDAP **) & db->db, "ldapi:///");
>>                                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> but how to You know that string means "/var/run/openldap/ldapi" ?
> See the OpenLDAP source code: include/ldap_defaults.h defines LDAPI_SOCK 
> which is the default socket path. Heimdal doesn't know anything about the 
> actual pathname of the socket, it's purely a libldap item.

I would say, it is rather start time option that libldap item.
I can specify anything in /etc/rc.conf and OpenLDAP will pick it up.

sol# find / -type f -name ldap_defaults.h -print | more

yes, such file "ldap_defaults.h" exists, but it is put in OpenLDAP built 
directory, so, heimdal doesn't know anything about such file.

so, the question remains, where is it hard-coded ?

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