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Re: heimdal 0.6.4 KDC v4 support broken?

Academician Kula <kula@tproa.net> writes:

> seemed to make sense to me (and it started working). This is my first
> time trolling through heimdal, so the second bit doesn't make much sense
> to me and I left it alone. I haven't looked at 0.7rc1 to see if it
> works or not.

This bug is fixed in 0.7rc1 and the 0.6 snapshot on the ftp-site, I was
planing to release 0.6.5 at the same time as 0.7 to fix both problem.

Personally, I'm happy to see that Kerberos 4 seems to be in it death bed
and almost no-one seems miss it. This shouldn't stop you all from sending
bug reports to us regarding heimdals krb4/ka integeration.


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