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Re: Future of kerberised telnet, login, rsh, ftp?

> >I do think accessing mail via Kerberos would be a good idea, instead
> >of entering a password each time... Not to mention being able to
> >authenticate to web servers using Kerberos a Kerberos ticket already
> >obtained at log in. Then again i am getting off topic.
> Just my 2c:
> For a lot cleaner codebase this tools should be removed from the core 
> distribution.

The only thing I've ever used from that suite is telnet and even then
just to determine that I had the Kerberos working.

> BTW:
> Cyrus IMAP and POP servers support Kerberos login via GSSAPI via SASL. 


> The biggest issue is with the fact that few clients are able of using it 
> (Evolution claims support

Evolution's GSSAPI support works.