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Heimdal kerberos issue after openldap upgrade


I'm running a gentoo authentication server utilizing heimdal-kerberos, 
cyrus-sasl, and openldap.  This setup has been running for roughly six months 
without problems, until an openldap upgrade rendered my kerberos 
implementation useless.

I recently made the following upgrade:

I began by uninstalling the first instance, then installing the second 
instance.  I had a slapcat copy of the DB, so I moved the original databases 
to a backup, performed a slapadd, and reset all of the file permissions.  
Upon the slapadd, I received an error stating that the configuration was 

Upon looking into it, it was erroring out due to the "password-hash 
{CLEARTEXT}" option.  I commented this out, it appears to be working now.

I can execute searches and adds, but for some reason this upgrade has caused 
kerberos to begin having problems.  When I try kinit, I receive this in 
[kdc] UNKNOWN -- user@MYREALM: Wrong database version

I try the following:
# kadmin -l
kadmin> list *
kadmin: opening database: ldap_sasl_bind_s: Can't contact LDAP server
kadmin: kadm5_get_principals: Wrong database version

It seems to me like this might be a problem with heimdal-kerberos, but I am 
not sure.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated,