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Re: Miscellaneous questions regarding krb5.conf?

On Dec 14, 2005, at 10:49 , jay alvarez wrote:

> 3. perhaps the krb5.conf manual should indicate which sections/ 
> bindings is for a client and which is for a server. When I kinit  
> from a machine with a lifetime of "10 hours" (kinit -l "10 hours"  
> myusername@OUR.REALM) I got a ticket with a ten hours lifetime even  
> if the "ticket_lifetime" in the [libdefaults] section of the kdc's  
> krb5.conf is set to only 8 hours as well as in the clients krb5.conf.

Er?  The default "ticket_lifetime" is just that, a default lifetime  
used if the client doesn't specify one.  If you want to clamp it then  
you need to specify a maximum lifetime, not a default.

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