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Re: PK-INIT update

Andrew Bartlett <abartlet@samba.org> writes:

> I figure I should provide some details...  This is with
> heimdal-20060423, on Fedora Core 4, x86, with default configure options,
> as well as --without-openssl.

So whats missing is the rsa support. I've not added it to the tree since
I've not dealt with writing the autoconf glue yet. You can get that if you
checkout lib/hc-gmp from the cvs tree. Make sure libgmp is installed, and

	automake lib/hc-gmp/Makefile
	./config.status --file=lib/hc-gmp/Makefile
	cd lib/hc-gmp
	make all install

the make check should probably not run the check requiring rsa when its not
supported, but I blame too many abstraction layer for that right now.


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