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problem authenticating with mod_auth_kerb


I'm authenticating users using mod_auth_kerb againsta  windows 2003 kdc.
It worked fine, but recently the main kdc died and the back-up kicked in.
this may have caused some problems.

I checked the HTTP-account on the backup-server and I saw that is didn't
have "trust account for delegation" checked, whioch should be as far as I
remembered . don't knwo where I got this from, but an it be  that the
delegation is needed to spnego to work?

Now the problem: The subversion-utilities can't use spnego yet (or it si
disbaled for the moment), so basic authentication of mod_auth_kerb is
used. However, when basic authentication is used, I see the following in
the logs:

krb5_rd_req() failed when verifying KDC
failed to verify krb5 credentials: Key table entry not found

This is followed by a 401-message (Access denied I believe).
I checked that the server's dns exists.

Any idea why this is happening?

Thank you and greetings,