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Re: AFS and keytab

Thanks for your replies, Harald and Love.

I do have tokens, I think the klist output I sent yesterday showed that.

The problem may well be the pts user and AFS mapping.  I originally had 
the acl listed as
host/mimas.server.rpi.edu rlidwk

After reading your reply, I added the host as
host.mimas.server.rpi.edu rlidwk
Both names were added to the pts database.  So I ended up with both 
host/mimas and host.mimas in the acl, but it still is getting Permission 

I am using v5 credentials, the v4 is compiled in, but I ignore it.  I'm 
using Openafs 1.2.13, but this is recent enough to understand v5 tokens 
without 524 conversion.  I can get tokens using my personal admin 
account and I have access to that directory with my v5 credentials.

I still haven't figured out where I'm going wrong.  I will try rewriting 
the command to as Love has suggested.  I'll send email to the AFS list 
to see if someone there can help, and I'll post the solution here in the 
event someone else ever has this question.  Thanks
> Do you have tokens? (klist -T ; tokens)
> What is your pts user for that host named? I think
> host.mimas.server.rpi.edu would be correct with the "/" to "." mapping
> which happens because of histerical raisins. 
> If you still use old servers that can only handle 4 tokens, rcmd.mimas
> is the pts user you want to create instead, but according to your
> output you use v5.
> What does your ACL of that dir look like?
> Harald.