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Re: database corruption

22 feb 2007 kl. 12.52 skrev Eric Sturdivant:

>> Sorry about the delay, on vacation.
>> So the log file seem to be corrupted in the end, did your disk  
>> fill up at some point ?
> Nope, we still have ~18gb free on that partition.

Since the iprop log contains key information I don't want to ask
for it, can you dump the database with dump_log and see
where it break and then try do figure out how the last entry
is broken.

The each entry in iprop log ahve this format, the first entry operation
is a NOP (no operation).

* A log record consists of:
* version number		4 bytes
* time in seconds		4 bytes
* operation (enum kadm_ops)	4 bytes
* length of record		4 bytes
* data...			n bytes
* length of record		4 bytes
* version number		4 bytes