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No Subject

Dear Sir/Madam,


   I am the financial controller of Nigerian National Petroleum
Corporation (NNPC). I got your Contact address from an associate
working with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council. I and my colleagues
are ministry officials in charge of offshore remittance in this
Corporation (NNPC). We are seeking your assistance to transfer of Forty
Two Million (US$42,000,000.00) to your account for further private
investment. Please note that the nature of your job/business does not
matter and you will be better informed when I hear from you.

This amount accrued from an over-invoiced contract amount for the
construction of an Oil Refinery Sub-stations in Nigeria in 1995 to
expatriate companies. The contract was originally valued for one Hundred
and Twenty Seven Million United States Dollar US$127,000,000.00) but we
manipulated the figure to read one Hundred and Sixty Nine Million United
states Dollars ($169,000,000.00) The extra $42,000,000.00 is what we want
to transfer to your account.

This contract has been completely executed and the original contractors
have been paid all their contract bills less this $42,000,000.00 For your
assistance, we have agreed to remunerate you with 30% because it is
impossible for us to claim the amount here in Nigeria without foreign
collaboration. 5% has been mapped out for any miscellaneous expenses
incurred by either party during this business, and 65% for my colleagues
and myself.

It may interest you to know, four years ago, a similar transaction was
carried out with one Mr. Patrice Miller, the President of Craine
International Trading Corporation at number 135 East 57th Street, 28th
floor, New York.10022 with Tel: 212-308-7788 and TLX number 6731689. Mr.
Patrice disappeared into thin air when he received the money. His
Telephone and Telex numbers had been reallocated to other users by the
time we arrived New York for our share. This explains exactly why we will
make a concrete agreement between you and us, should you be willing to
assist in this deal.

All modalities to effect the payment and subsequent transfer of this money
have been worked out. This transaction is 100% risk free but requires 100
percent confidentiality. This is a golden opportunity which must not be
allowed to slip out of any careless acts and utterances. We chose you for
this transaction because we believe that good friends can be discovered
and businesses such as this cannot be realized without trust. You can be
rest assured that your security has been considered before you were

Upon the receipt of this mail message, feel free to send to me the
following, to enable us start the process:

1. Your full Names and contact address.
2. Your private telephone and fax numbers.

Thanks and best regards in anticipation of your response.

Best Regards,
Engr.Patrick Mba

N: B
Please note that the nature of your job/business does not matter and you
will be better informed when I hear from you. If you are interested, send
your reply with this E-mail address; (engr_patsmba1@yahoo.com.hk).