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Re: SSO (Kerberos), samba and windows XP desktop


I don't think that is possible. As far as I know you must be a member in the 
samba domain. For a real SSO we need Samba4.

Maybe it is possible, that you have in the samba enviornment the same 
usernames and passwords as in the keberos envirenment. But I don't think, 
that the Windows client will send the username/password as a fallback to the 
samba server when he did a kerberos logon.


Am Freitag, 16. März 2007 22:26 schrieb Gustavo Rios:
> Dear gentleman,
> I have managed to get my windows XP dekstop supporting kerberos
> authentication. Within the logon interface, i select my kerberos realm
> domain and authentication is performed through it.
> Right now i am planning to incorporate this standalone box in a samba
> domain. Since samba provides a domain by its own, i do not know how
> retrieve only user information from the samba server and still
> authenticating through kerberos. Because in order to do so, i am
> required to select the samba domain within the logon interface.
> I would like a windows environment much like the unix system can have
> the centralized user information managed by nis, but authentication
> performed by a kerberos server. Is it possible?
> Thanks in advance.

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