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Re: Problem with Special Characters in Password with Windows

6 sep 2007 kl. 17.37 skrev Jeremiah Martell:

> I'm using heimdal in a client to do Kerberos authentication. However,
> I've ran into a problem where if there are "Special Characters" in the
> password, and I try to authenticate to a Windows server with Kerberos,
> the authentication fails. If the password contains 7-bit ASCII
> characters only, everything works fine.
> I found this link that may be what I'm experiencing:
> http://www.webservertalk.com/archive213-2004-9-373588.html
> where Windows isn't using UTF-8 (which my client does) for the
> password, and instead uses some code page.
> Is this most likely my problem, or can there be other issues that
> could cause this?
> If this is my problem, is the fix converting UTF-8 to the  
> appropriate code page?

Heimdal doesn't do the right things for non ascii password for rc4  
enctypes since it doesn't include enough iconv magic, there is a  
support lib that will handle that, but that code is not integrated, I  
will push that up on the things to merge.