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Re: Garbage on telnetd in 1.0.2 on Solaris 10

--On onsdag, onsdag 2 jan 2008 22.46.45 +0100 Ian Delahorne <ian@assv.net>

> The machine thinks it's:
> SunOS stroganov.stacken.kth.se 5.10 Generic_120011-14 sun4u sparc
> SUNW,Ultra-250
> and the binaries were built with SUNWspro. Måns says he's seen this as
> well, does anyone know what the issue is and how to fix?
> Gonna try with 1.0.1 for the time being.

I've seen it on another host, using Sun-supplied gcc, as well. These two
machines are the only ones I've got around with 08/07 Solaris 10, ie. u4.
Earlier Solaris releases seem to work. Have not tried old releases of
Heimdal; want all the new fun stuff. 

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