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Re: Ticket cache file

26 mar 2008 kl. 08.34 skrev Harald Barth:

>> FILE credential cache implements locking. However I just noticed  
>> that destroy doesn't implement locking, just fixed that.
> So either that code does not work as expected or we have to find
> what else it is that garbles our users ticket files from time to time.

Apprently it doesn't work, you didn't know this yesterday ?

> Btw, the library is not very robust when encountering a ccache file
> containing a garbled service ticket in the middle. The right way would
> be to just reissue the service ticket from the still intact tgt at the
> beginning of the file. Even klist has some unconsistent behaviour:
> So why does showing the ticket only work with -v?

Try pipe klist to grep too. I blame stdio.

> Love, you are welcome to have a closer look at the broken ticket if
> that might help.