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Re: Ticket cache file

> Apprently it doesn't work, you didn't know this yesterday ?

First I wanted to know if there is locking in the first place. A bit
difficult so say "locking does not work" if there would not have been
any to start with. Still difficult to say that "locking does not work"
because I only have a broken ticket and no idea what sequence of
commands garbled it up that way. I _guess_ that all programs involved
are from heimdal 0.7.2 because that's what's installed on that
computer and normally nothing else touches the ccaches of our

> > So why does showing the ticket only work with -v?
> Try pipe klist to grep too. I blame stdio.

Tried. In that case still blaming stdio as there is nothing more to
see. ;)

About the ticket, will contact you off-list,