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Re: heimdl 1.2rc1

I wrote:

> (going to test it on amd64 too, as soon as I update my amd64 box to have 
> autoconf-2.62 and libtool-2.2 or newer).

Compilation on Gentoo/amd64 went the same way as on x86.

> Now packages depending on kerberos are being recompiled against heimdal 
> 1.2rc1 -- if there appears any problem, I'll report it.

There are problems related to libtool-2.2. Until now, only nfs-utils 
(version 1.1.1, I had it compiled against heimdal-1.1) report something 
that may be more serious -- utils/gssd/context_lucid.c seems to have 
problems with gss_OID in included heimdal's gssapi/gssapi_krb5.h, 
apparently does not recognise it as a type identifier. I yet have to 
check that closer to find if the problem actually is with heimdal-1.2rc1 
and if I possibly can deal with it.

With best regards
					Honza Macháček