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Re: Using NTLM & NTLMV2

10 maj 2008 kl. 01.59 skrev <duncan@dcl.co.uk> <duncan@dcl.co.uk>:

> Hi,
> I am looking for NTLM & NTLMV2 libraries. heimdal appears to have such
> libraries. However having looked at the docs and test_ntlm.c (in lib/ 
> ntlm) I'm
> not much the wiser on how to use the routines provided. Most of it  
> makes sense
> but I'm not totally sure what I am doing.
> Has anyone any examples of the following.
> generating a NTLM & NTLMV2 request
> generating a NTLM & NTLMV2 response to a challenge.

lib/gssapi/ntlm/accept_sec_context.c + kdc/digest.c

would do was you asks for.

Note that the ntlm library does not yet include utf8 -> bmp2  
conversion and can only handle ascii names.

It also does the simplified static encoding of buffer, just like every  
other ntlm library out there.