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MIT 'creds->is_skey' equivalent in Heimdal?

I'm trying to port a piece of code developed for MIT to Heimdal. The code
references a krb5_creds member "is_key". How can I get the equivalent
value in Heimdal?

The MIT krb5_creds structure looks like the following:

/* credentials:  Ticket, session key, etc. */ 
typedef struct _krb5_creds {
    krb5_magic magic;
    krb5_principal client;      /* client's principal identifier */
    krb5_principal server;      /* server's principal identifier */
    krb5_keyblock keyblock;     /* session encryption key info */ 
    krb5_ticket_times times;        /* lifetime info */ 
    krb5_boolean is_skey;       /* true if ticket is encrypted in
                       another ticket's skey */ 
    krb5_flags ticket_flags;        /* flags in ticket */
    krb5_address **addresses;   /* addrs in ticket */
    krb5_data ticket;           /* ticket string itself */
    krb5_data second_ticket;        /* second ticket, if related to
                       ticket (via DUPLICATE-SKEY or
                       ENC-TKT-IN-SKEY) */
    krb5_authdata **authdata;   /* authorization data */ 
} krb5_creds;


Michael B Allen
PHP Active Directory SPNEGO SSO