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Re: importing an existing base into ldap

On May 27, 2008, at 10:34 PM, Love Hörnquist Åstrand wrote:

> 27 maj 2008 kl. 04.56 skrev Guillaume Rousse:
>> Javier Palacios a écrit :
>>>> 2008-05-23T15:38:48 hdb_store: ldap_add_s:  
>>>> (DN
>>>> =
>>>> krb5PrincipalName
>>>> =noe@LILLE.FUTURS.INRIA.FR,ou=kerberos,dc=futurs,dc=inria,dc=fr- 
>>>> NEW)
>>>> Server is unwilling to perform: no global superior knowledge
>>> No idea about the -NEW but another alternative approach. It is so
>>> obvious that might be not attempted. Just dump your current KDC,  
>>> setup
>>> a new heimdal-ldap and restore the principals from the dump.
>> I sometimes feel stupid...
>> OK, it works, but it chokes on some principals, by trying to create  
>> entries without the attribute used in the DN:
>> kadmin: db_store: ldap_modify_s: http/ovirt2.lille.inria.fr@LILLE.FUTURS.INRIA.FR 
>>  (DN=krb5PrincipalName=HTTP/ovirt2.lille.inria.fr@LILLE.FUTURS.INRIA.FR 
>> ,ou=kerberos,dc=futurs,dc=inria,dc=fr) Naming violation: value of  
>> naming attribute 'krb5PrincipalName' is not present in entry
>> Looking at the dump, it seems to be a case issue, as I got a HTTP/ovirt2.lille.inria.fr@LILLE.FUTURS.INRIA.FR 
>>  principal, imported correctly, followed by a http/ovirt2.lille.inria.fr@LILLE.FUTURS.INRIA.FR 
>>  one, which triggered
>> the error.
>> According to the ldap schema, krb5PrincipalName is case sensitive  
>> (EQUALITY caseExactIA5Match), so should be the DN also.
> Can you remove the lowercase entry and make the dump pass ? The  
> lowercase http/fqdn should only be used by older safari's (if I  
> remember correctly)
> Love

Pretty sure that's right:  Safari 2 in early Tiger.  Safari 1 in  
Panther did something even more broken.  They seem to have it right  
now (late Tiger and Leopard).

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