My Favorite Games:

Actually, I kind of grew out of playing computer games. At a time I thought I spent too much time playing and I quit for 6 months.
When I came back to enjoy again the fun in reading manuals, planning charakters and teams and movesets, calculating in advance medium damage per time, trying different builds or even modding the whole games as I did with Diablo II and Civilisation III (including a lot of image processing and even video editing for the right look and feel).
My next pause happend on its own and was over 9 months. Nonetheless here some of the collected knowledge I could assemble whilst playing happily.

My first Computer (RIP):

Machine name: aRiD
Operating Systems:
        Debian GNU Linux Slink (ah all the good memories)
        SuSE 8.0 (never again!)
        MS Windows 98
Processor: AMD-K6(tm) 3D processor, MMX, 3DNow, 300MHz
Memory: 64MB SDRAM-->192MB SDRAM --> 256 MB SDRAM (a little buggy in startup sometime as I only had 133Hz not 100Hz Kingston)
    Soltek SL-54 U5 (love it or hate it)
    Provides SOCKET 7 ZIF Socket;
    VIA Apollo MVP3 chipset;
    3 PCI Master slots, 3 ISA slots, and 1 AGP slot;
    6.5 GB UDMA 2 (absolutely no bad blocks, stable as nothing, kiss my backup)
    20 GB IBM DTLA ATA 100 mit 5400 RPM
Graphics Card:
     S3 ViRGE GX2 (AGP) with 4 MB (still working)
    ATI RADEON32(AGP)  with 32 MB (yes the very first RADEON with 32 MB)
     Scott 17"  786C TCO95
    Max. Resolution: 1600x1200
    Dot Pitch: 0.26
    max. Horizontal Scanning Frequency: 86 KHz
    (Vertical: 120 Hz)
    LTN 301 ATAPI / E-IDE 32x, earphone jack
    LTN something.. (best thing in reading out old scratched CDs)
    Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1502
    16xDVD, 48xCD, IDE
MPEG-2 decoder board:
    Creative PC-DVD Encore Dxr3 (stopped working or my PCI slots are buggy, but the TV has an integrated DVD Player now...)
Audio Contoller:
    Creative Sound Blaster 16 Plug & Play (ISA-slot)
Ethernet Card:
SMC9432(B)TX (ISA-slot)
Boxes: Arowana Aktivboxen 120 Watt
Mouse: Logitech Pilot1 (one more for backup)
Modem: ELSA Mikrolink 56k Fun (green Version) on COM2
Keyboard: Mitsumi Win95 PS2
Printer: Canon BJC 4400

My first computer died when I stupidly tested someone else's dusty power supply. At least I can say he (aRiD definitly was male...) never got wet (oh, what a difference a name makes). Most of the still interesting and working parts are revived in my mothers PC 'aRiD2' that is used for looking at photos and writing and sending emails (it is an outsourced 400 MHz running Ubuntu 7.10 and sometimes still Win98SE, that can also be used for watching DVDs without decoder card). It works fine with a 20'' gift monitor that someone stupid (resp. very nice) exchanged for a shiny-looking TFT. Yeah, even my old 10Mb Ethernet Card (that was also an outsourced gift btw) is still in there and working (together with a newer one I bought myself also a long long time ago.) Other parts found a new home at other friendly places *waves to Dani*.

My first Notebook:

Sony Vaio FX 605

Machine name: EyThan
Operating Systems:  Mandrake 9 updatet to Ubuntu 7.10), Windows XP Home
Processor: Mobile AMD Athlon XP 1600+
Memory: 256 MB SDRAM
Harddisc: 30 GB (could be more.....)
TFT: 15" XGA (1024x768) (wonderful)
CDRW 8x/8x/24x & 8x DVD Combination (crump)
3,5 Floppy
56K modem V.90 integrated
RJ45 10BaseT/100Base-TX integrated
16bit Stereosoundcard & integr. Boxes
Graphics Card: 8MB ATi 3D Rage Mobility-M1 (bad, bad thing)
Else: 2xUSB, i.LINK (Firewire), Seriell, Parallel, VGA-Out, TV-OUT, PCMCIA,
1x Lithium-Ion, 3.4 kg
(and Sony makes still the best keyboards in notebooks)

My working Computer at the University:

HP d530 CMT(PE240ES)(a pretty fellow all in black)
Machine name: pc32-c706 (never got a better name, poor guy)
Operating System: former: Windows XP Prof. + SP2, but total switch to Ubuntu 6.04
BIOS: 786B2 v2.18
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz
Memory: 1024MB RAM
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro4 580 XGL 64MB
Monitor: HP 9500 19 CRT (pretty black and silver)
Sound: SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio (wee, who needs my old boxes?)
Harddisks: 2x80GB (ST380011A + WDC WD800BB-32BSA0)
Mouse: pretty black standard hp mouse
Keyboard: pretty black and silver hp standard keyboard (0316)
ATAPI MS-8148C1CDROM (no earjack)
NEC DVD-ROM DV-5800A (earjack)

Upgrade: additional TFT, DVD-Burner, real good Audio boxes...