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Re: Problems running krb5 telnet

Jonas Oberg <jonas@coyote.org> writes:
> Assar Westerlund <assar@sics.se> writes:
> > It does support gdbm, but you need to install the ndbm.h file in gdbm
> > (typically with `make install-compat').
> I have that file, but on my system it is in /usr/include/db1/ndbm.h,
> perhaps db1/ is causing problems?

I don't think it searches for it in that directory.  (You can find out
by looking in your config.log).  But db1 sounds like it's berkely db.
Do you have both Berkeley DB and gdbm?

> Now I get an "Kerberos V5: mk_req failed (KDC has no support for
> encryption type)" error instead. Progress :)

Well.  First of all, what kind of KDC are you using?  We need to think
a little bit more how to work around that problem.