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Re: domain/realm-mapping

On Thu, 2 Dec 1999, Leif Johansson wrote:
> > On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Frank Cusack wrote:

> This will get progressively worse and you will sooner or later have to
> face the music.

The problem is known..... 

> Better do it now when you can motivate the transition and all the
> problems associated with it by the deployment of a new security
> infrastructure.

We want to do a soft migration to heimdal - step by step. Changing YP-hosts
using FQDN or nsswitch.conf using DNS would break up some old things
immediately from one day to the next, which is definitely something we don't
want to do ...

In my opinion Heimdal should be aware of NIS-configurations like ours,
because they aren't very uncommon. It is not allways appropriate to make a
such a change to the environment at early stages of a "roll out".


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