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Re: redhat kerberos PAM

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Kociolek <joko@logidee.com> writes:

    Joel> I wouldn't say that I know of a decent one. I'm to much
    Joel> inexperienced with this, and from what I've understood, it
    Joel> could be really "indecent" to use PAM with kerberos. But

I think using PAM is OK for login sessions. eg xdm,text mode console,
etc. That way the user doesn't need to have a Unix-style password.

    Joel> I've managed to make Franck Cusack's PAM module work with
    Joel> heimdal with only a small patch. You can find the module on
    Joel> http://www.fcusack.com/ and my patch on
    Joel> http://ns1.logidee.com/~joko/heimdal/

If I was to package a PAM module for Debian Linux, which one should I
use? Or should I wait until one is included with Heimdal?

    Nicolas> There's a PAM_KRB5 somewhere in the heimdal site.


    Nicolas> It looks pretty good, except for one serious, easily
    Nicolas> fixable problem: the krb5 password validation function is
    Nicolas> called without a valid prompter function, so the krb5
    Nicolas> library is allowed to believe that the user can be
    Nicolas> prompted via the tty.

    Nicolas> The solution to this problem is simple: add a krb5
    Nicolas> prompter function whose prompter_data is a PAM handle and
    Nicolas> have this prompter convert krb5 prompts to PAM prompts
    Nicolas> and so on.

    Nicolas> That said, this is the ONLY PAM_KRB5 module I have seen
    Nicolas> so far that gets password-aging right, namely by
    Nicolas> attempting to get an initial ticket to the password
    Nicolas> changing service so as to change the user's password and
    Nicolas> then get a TGT for the user.

Is this going to be fixed by the author/maintainer?

    Jacques> I just committed a pam_krb5 port (based on fcusack's
    Jacques> pam_krb5 also) for FreeBSD that can be compiled for
    Jacques> either MIT or Heimdal.  One can look at the patches at
    Jacques> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/ports/security/pam_krb5/files
    Jacques> Looking at your patches it looks as if I may have missed
    Jacques> a bit with the password change -- no surprise, I haven't
    Jacques> really tested that, do to the fact that my users don't
    Jacques> appear in /etc/passwd normally.

Or is this the URL here?
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>