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Re: Kerberos V and xdm

On Wednesday, September 26, 2001 09:53:44 +0200, joda@pdc.kth.se wrote:
| GOMBAS Gabor <gombasg@inf.elte.hu> writes:
| > Since version 3.3.5 xdm includes PAM support. Why not just use it?
| Because you're on a system that doesn't use PAM?

Last time I checked, xdm's PAM "support" was seriously broken with respect 
to Kerberos and AFS (ccache created for and owned by root, PAG created in 
the daemon instead of the session leader --- the latter won't be noticeable 
unless you use xdmcp).  On the other hand, this was not stock xdm, it was 
someone's (Red Hat?) hack.

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