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Sam Hartman <hartmans@mit.edu> writes:

> BTW, do you have any ideas what the semantics of the RET_* flags is?
> There was discussion on krbdev@mit.edu and no one there claimed to
> understand the semantics either.

Heh, I'm just as confused as everyone else. :-)

To me it sounds as if RET_* should return whatever is in these fields,
and DO_* should also set them. But some combinations get really
strange, like passing only RET_TIME to mk_safe, should it then return
the time that *would* have been put in the message if DO_TIME was also
passed? Makes no sense.

And if I read the the MIT code correctly, if you pass both DO_SEQUENCE
and RET_SEQUENCE to mk_priv, the sequence number is not returned.