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Re: couple socket-connection questions

At 8:52 AM +1000 5/30/03, Luke Howard wrote:
>  >Hmmm.  I'm just starting to look at SOAP so pardon my ignorance.
>>Is there a good way to use Kerberos to authenticate XML/SOAP
>>exchanges?  Maybe the Kerberos option that TLS had?  mod_auth_krb?
>That's one option, or draft-brezak-spnego-http-03.txt.

Actually I thought that was two options, not one, but who's counting?

>At the application layer, there's WS-Security, and I hear there's
>also a new specification for using GSS-API in SOAP.

"The nice thing about standards is that there are so many of them." 
Now who said that originally?  ;-)

Thanks for the homework assignments.  :-/
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