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Re: servname not supported for ai_socktype

At 12:55 PM -0500 3/14/04, Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:
>I have been trying to get LDAP backend going with no luck, now, after
>working for a while, I am getting this error when verifying the
>configuration file. However, using 'kadmin -l', I can list the
>principals, but if I try to get a ticket, another error:
>esmtp# /usr/bin/verify_krb5_conf
>verify_krb5_conf: /realms/WEBTENT.NET/kdc: servname not supported for
>ai_socktype (
>verify_krb5_conf: /realms/WEBTENT.NET/admin_server: servname not
>supported for ai_socktype (
>esmtp# kadmin -l
>kadmin> list *
>   default@WEBTENT.NET
>   kadmin/admin@WEBTENT.NET
>   kadmin/hprop@WEBTENT.NET
>   robert/admin@WEBTENT.NET
>   kadmin/changepw@WEBTENT.NET
>   changepw/kerberos@WEBTENT.NET
>kadmin> quit
>esmtp# kinit robert/admin
>robert/admin@WEBTENT.NET's Password:
>kinit: krb5_get_init_creds: unable to reach any KDC in realm WEBTENT.NET
>This is my conf file below, I don't have it setup for LDAP anymore, just
>trying to get back to working before trying LDAP again. See my 'LDAP
>Backend' post yesterday for those woes.
>         default_realm = WEBTENT.NET
>         WEBTENT.NET = {
>                 kdc =
>                 admin_server =
>         }
>         .webtent.net = WEBENT.NET
>Also, how is the best way to wipe out your setting and re-initialize a
>realm? Can realms be deleted? Or should I just remove it from conf and
>delete all principals?

You could just delete the db files in /var/heimdal.  Oh, LDAP back 
end.  Hmmm.  You don't have many principals defined yet.  Could just 
delete all of them from LDAP with an LDAP client I suppose.

Before you do that though what happens if you replace the numeric 
address with "esmtp.webtent.net" in the conf file?
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