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Re: IPv6 disabled?

Love wrote:

>Jose Gonzalez Gomez <jgonzalez@opentechnet.com> writes:
>>    Just because I'm not using it at all. Does this mean that enabling
>>IPv6 in both Heimdal and kernel would make everything work fine? Right
>>now I have taken out the IPv6 support from the kernel, and it seems
>>that everything is working fine (except for SASL/OpenLDAP that's not
>>offering GSSAPI authentication, but that would go to another thread if
>>I'm not able to solve it)
>>    About activating IPv6 both in kernel and Heimdal, I found a thread
>>dated Jun 19 where Torsten Kurbad told that kadmind would bind only to
>>IPv6 addresses and that was causing problems too
>Indeed, disabling it in the kernel solve the problem.
>You can try this patch, it might work.
>diff -u -u -w -r1.15 kadm_conn.c
>--- kadmin/kadm_conn.c	13 May 2004 17:46:20 -0000	1.15
>+++ kadmin/kadm_conn.c	3 Aug 2004 11:20:30 -0000
>@@ -266,6 +266,10 @@
> 			  sizeof(one)) < 0)
> 		krb5_warn(context, errno, "setsockopt");
> #endif
>+	    {
>+		int on = 1;
>+		setsockopt(s, IPPROTO_IPV6, IPV6_V6ONLY, &on, sizeof(on));
>+	    }
> 	    if (bind (s, ap->ai_addr, ap->ai_addrlen) < 0) {
> 		krb5_warn(context, errno, "bind");
> 		close(s);
    Will this also be included in the next major version of Heimdal? I 
will try it later (I hope this evening or tomorrow morning), as right 
now I have disabled IPv6 both in kernel and Heimdal, and I'm finishing 
the configuration to integrate Heimdal/Cyrus SASL/OpenLDAP. As soon as I 
have a working installation I will test it.