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Re: ldap <--> heimdal again

>> yes, such file "ldap_defaults.h" exists, but it is put in OpenLDAP built
>> directory, so, heimdal doesn't know anything about such file.
>> so, the question remains, where is it hard-coded ?
> libldap.
> % strings /usr/xad/lib/libldap.so | grep var/run
> /usr/xad/var/run/ldapi

sol# strings /usr/local/lib/libldap.so | grep ldapi

so ...

1) it will not pick up socket name on the fly (if I change startup options 
for slapd)

2) both guesses "/var/lib/ldapi" and "/var/run/openldap/ldapi" (which is 
default start up option for FreeBSD) were incorrect


hmm, maybe it is worth adding configuration option for that socket ?

hmm, and how does it work for FreeBSD ? does anybody using 
"/usr/local/var/run/ldapi" as startup option for slapd ?

> -- Luke
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