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Re: problem authenticating with mod_auth_kerb

On Tuesday 22 August 2006 17:23, michel.brabants@euphonynet.be wrote:
> Hello,
> maybe I don't completely get what you are saying. If I understand it
> however, you make the name-mapping also when using the ktpass(?)-tool. 

ktpass maps an AD account (specified by -mapuser option) to a Kerberos
principal (specified by -princ option).

> It 
> is because windows doesn't allow '/' in user-names I think or something
> like that. Anyway, the ktpass-command didn't automatically create the
> mapping for me it seems.

After you finished ktpass you can use the kvno (or kgetcred command on 
Heimdal) to test if the freshly created serviceprincipal works as expected.
If not - I am interested in why your ktpass does not work as the ktpass
described in the tutorial.