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Re: problem authenticating with mod_auth_kerb


maybe I don't completely get what you are saying. If I understand it
however, you make the name-mapping also when using the ktpass(?)-tool. It
is because windows doesn't allow '/' in user-names I think or something
like that. Anyway, the ktpass-command didn't automatically create the
mapping for me it seems.



> On Tuesday 22 August 2006 15:46, michel.brabants@euphonynet.be wrote:
>> I followed you turotial when I first set it up. thank you for this
>> information. I would like to add 1 thing to your tutorial ( I had to do
>> it, else ti didn't work). After the creating of the dummy user for the
>> service in zindows 2003 (and after creating the ktab-file), a
>> name-mapping
>> to the HTTP-name should still be made,
> Why?
> I have done a lot a lot of setups of mod_auth_kerb, and never
> needed this.
> The text from your URL says "Account mappings are used to map a foreign
> Kerberos identity (in a trusted MIT Kerberos realm) to a local account
> identity in the domain.) "
> But no foreign Realm is used in my tutorial, only the KDC's realm.
> Achim