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Re: Preauthentication failed

Michael B Allen wrote:

> Hi Markus,
> On Tue, 22 May 2007 22:36:02 +0100
> "Markus Moeller" <huaraz@moeller.plus.com> wrote:
>> From my experience Computer accounts are fine and we prefer them as user
>> accounts have (in our environment) a password expiry which otherwise
>> would mean exception for users with a service principal or the keytab
>> will get invalid.
> Ahh, interesting. I didn't think Computer accounts differed in this
> respect. In fact it was my guess that Computer account password policy
> was maybe hardcoded to expire reasoning that computers routinely change
> their account password. But perhaps a Computer account for services would
> be better.
So should I try with user-account then or not?

cu Floh