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Re: Ultra-modern autootols toolchain (autoconf > 2.61, automake >1.10) required?

Buchan Milne wrote:
> Is there a reason for r this requirement, or is it just what it was tested 
> with?
For Debian, I had problems using anything other then the latest of 
everything, even after updating the configure.in requirements. Most 
notable, libtool was broken; it set $echo early on but tried to use 
$ECHO. Or vice versa. Every $ECHO statement tried to execute the message 
instead (because $ECHO was empty), which didn't work too well.

I just wanted something to work, so I didn't investigate into any more 
depth. I am not entirely convinced this is a Heimdal issue either, but I 
wasn't sure what else could have suddenly caused this issue to occur.

Brian May