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Re: Ultra-modern autootols toolchain (autoconf > 2.61, automake >1.10) required?

On 06/25/08 18:10, Jeffrey Hutzelman wrote:

>> Libtool elder than 2.2 creates configure script that defines ECHO but
>> uses $echo, which is undefined...
> I've never seen that problem with any libtool-using package in many 
> years. Is it somehow specific to heimdal?  Are you mixing libtool.m4 
> from one version of libtool with ltmain.sh from another?

I think that is the case. Heimdal bundles cf/libtool.m4 and ltmain.sh, 
those of the 2.2 version, and they are then confronted with the system 
libtool, possibly of a lower version. I think I vaguely remember (well, 
don't trust my memory too much, I cannot recall any details, and am not 
finding any proof either) experimenting with some version without them 
(svn?), and that did not work at all, so those higher libtool files 
combined with a lower system libtool, and the primitive sed hack were 
something like the smallest evil at hand.

> That can happen if you re-run aclocal on a system with a different
> version of libtool, but don't also run libtoolize --force

I'm affraid that running libtoolize --force does not solve the problem 
for me.

Nevertheless I hope that my quick and stupid hack, when it works, is 
enough to survive until now ultramodern libtool becomes standard and 

With best regards
				Honza Macháček

P. S. An example of my limited intellectual abilities: I said that 
libtool generates configure script that defines wrong case of echo. In 
reality, whether it is libtool or autoconf that generates the configure 
script, the generated configure script creates libtool script, and the 
libtool script is the one that messes up the case of the echo variable. 
(So downcasing of echo by sed must be applied to libtool after running 
configure.) I am sorry for the misinformation.