Summons to the Stacken Autumn Meeting

Hereby you, as member of The Computer Club Stacken, are called to the autumn meeting at Thursday November the 25:th at 19:30 in a room near the Stacken club room.

Please pay your membership fee if it is not already paid (or if you are an honorary member). If you pay it on time (the money arrives before the autumn meeting) you have the right to vote at the meeting; supporting members do not have voting rights. The fee for THS student members is waived, for others it is 121 Swedish crowns.

Do you feel that you are not active and want to support Stacken? As supporting member you keep both your accounts and access to the club room but waive your voting rights. This helps Stacken, (more information about support membership).

Proposal of Agenda:

  1. Opening of the Meeting
  2. Election of Chairman for the Meeting
  3. The question of whether the meeting was called according to the bylaws
  4. Election of Attestants for the Meeting
  5. Election of Secretary for the Meeting
  6. Approval of the Agenda
  7. Announcement of List of eligible Voters
  8. Election of Board
  9. Election of Authorized Signatory
  10. Election of Accountants
  11. Election of Nominating Committee
  12. Setting the Membership Fee
  13. Setting the Budget
  14. Other Questions
  15. Adjournment

The Computer Club Stacken