Stacken lecture on Godot

Thursday may 2, at 19:30 in a room close to the Stacken clubroom in the Q building, Alexander Hjelm will host a Stacken lecture about the Godot game engine.

Godot is the first fully integrated game development studio that is completely free and open source. With Godot, you can make games in C++/C# or the python-like GDScript language, and export them to PC, mobile and web platforms. Unlike Unity and Unreal Engine, there are no strings attached: no royalties, nothing. Your game is yours, down to the last line of engine code.

During the lecture, we will create a game from scratch using the free game engine Godot. The audience will decide what kind of game they would like to see, and there will be time to follow along on your own PC and ask questions. Afterwards we will have a QA-session where any questions are welcome, either about Godot or game development in general.

Alexander Hjelm is a Computer Science master's student and spare time indie developer. He works for a small studio that are creating RAZE: a 2D cyberpunk platformer scheduled for release this year.