Summons to the spring meeting 2023

You are hereby invited to the Stacken spring meeting 2023, Thursday, February 23, at 19:30.

Proposed agenda

  1. Start of meeting
  2. Choice of the meeting's chairman
  3. Election of meeting secretary
  4. The question of the constitutional announcement of the meeting
  5. Approval of the agenda
  6. Election of attestants
  7. Electoral register
  8. Annual report
  9. Balance sheet
  10. Auditors report
  11. Discharge for the 2022 Board
  12. Other issues
  13. End of meeting


Please make sure you have paid your membership fees (unless of course you are a student member of the student union, or a honorary member of Stacken). If we have received it on time (before the meeting) you are eligible to vote. For student members of the student union, the Stacken membership is free; please have your proof of membership at hand.

The regular fee is currently 123 SEK and payable to PG 433 01 15-9, Datorföreningen Stacken. Don't forget to include your name and username (for everybody, if you pay for more than one person). Any questions can be adressed to

Board of Stacken Computer Club via Rasmus Kaj.